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CarToons Magazine

One of my favorite magazines from my childhood is back in print!! I have included a link to their website below, so you too can check out CarToons Magazine, and see if you love it as much as I do. If you remember CarToons Magazine from their first life, tell us about it in the comments. Please, check them out, and if you dig what you see, find them at your local bookseller, or subscribe online.

Pothole 1; Volt 0

Spent my morning waiting for a tow truck, then waiting in the dealership waiting room, now waiting for the insurance to send an adjuster to look at the damage. No one was hurt, though to hear my daughter tell it, it sounds quite dramatic, lol! We are definitely in the season of potholes, so be careful out there!!

The aftermath...

The aftermath...

No spare...

No spare...

How she should look...

How she should look...

Wish this was my morning instead ;)

Wish this was my morning instead ;)

VW I.D. Buzz Concept

After its worldwide unveiling back in January at North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Volkswagen has released some new photos for the concept's European debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

VW Microbus Concept taken at the 2001 NAIAS by the author.

VW Microbus Concept taken at the 2001 NAIAS by the author.

VW Bus Ice Sculpture @ Snow Days GR 2017

VW Bus Ice Sculpture @ Snow Days GR 2017

Valent-Ice 2017

As part of this year's Snow Days festivities, the folks at Downtown GR have put together an ice sculpture competition. The whole family walked around and scoped out some of the entries, and they are incredible! Definitely plan to see the Boxer statue on Monroe Mall, but hands down our favorite was the peace-loving VW Bus in front of Downtown GR's office on Pearl St.


They have activities planned throughout the weekend, and the sculpture's will be out through Wednesday. If you have some free time, swing through downtown, and be sure to grab a snow days map so that you don't miss anything! For more info, click the SnowDays link above, or visit

Chrysler Portal Concept - CES 2017

While waiting for the NAIAS livestream to load, thought it might be nice to post some pics and video from last week's Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas. May we present for your viewing pleasure, the Chrysler Portal Concept.

Chrysler Portal Concept - Press Conference

Merry Christmas!

From all of us here at MyFamilyCar, we wish you the Merriest of Christmases, the Happiest of Hanukkahs and the Seasoniest of Greetings! Please enjoy the newest Snowkhana from Ford, and it's 4 predecessors.

Snowkhana 5

Snowkhana 4: Ho Ho Hokhana

Snowkhana 3: YULE TUBE

Snowkhana 2

Snowkhana One

Snowkhana 5 coming this Thursday!

Earlier today, Ford of Europe posted a teaser for Snowkhana 5. The real thing arrives this Thursday the 15th. To jog your memory, I am posting the first 4 below. Enjoy!!

Chrysler Pacifica EV at CES?

I try not to put much stock in to rumors, but according to Automotive News (subscription required), there is a report that FCA plans to reveal an all electric Chrysler Pacifica minivan at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. Earlier in the week it was revealed that FCA would be holding a press conference at CES rather than at the North American International Auto Show press days. The news of the CES presentation make me hopeful that the EV minivan rumor is true.   CES kicks off on January 3rd. NAIAS press days are January 9 & 10, the show is open to the public  January 14-22.

In the meantime, enjoy some pictures of the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, coming soon.

Vespa Elettrica

Last month at EICMA, Vespa unveiled their Elettrica Concept. Vespa is targeting production in the second  half of next year, but offered few additional details, neglecting to mention range, price, or countries it may be sold in. I find it very attractive, and for the right price I could be very tempted. Vespa tends to price their models at or near the top of their various segments, but in this case I hope that they are able to undercut the upcoming BMW C-Evolution maxi scooter. I have posted the full press release below.

Press Release:


The Piaggio Group invests in electric motors to redesign the mobility of the future.

Introducing the Vespa Elettrica project, the new mobility solution according to the most elegant and beloved two-wheeled brand in the world that takes a step into the future in complete consistency with the values that have accompanied its history.

Over four billion of the seven billion people residing on Earth live and work in heavily populated urban areas. New supercities are constantly springing up and, becoming increasingly interconnected, a phenomenon which is set to drive economic and social development. Today almost 80% of the world's GDP is generated in these huge urban metropoles, which in turn consume 80% of the world's energy. Higher and higher numbers of people are flocking to these cities, whose size is increasing to accommodate them despite the risk of social collapse owing to liveability problems. The world's 600 largest cities are now home to 20% of the world's population and they generate more than 50% of global wealth.

The mobility sector is facing a change of scenery that poses epoch-making challenges connected to the environment, pollution and the quality of life.

In its most advanced developments, the electric engine is currently the favoured solution for the requirements of this new mobility.

A technological and cultural challenge

The Piaggio Group, whose tradition in electric motors dates back as far as the mid-seventies and who launched the first and best-sold hybrid scooter, is investing in the electric mobility of the future, presenting the Vespa Elettrica project at Eicma 2016.

It was only right that such a big challenge would be tackled under the wing of the Vespa brand.

Vespa has changed the lives of entire generations all over the world, always giving the most advanced answer to their desire for mobility that has skilfully interpreted and evolved while still remaining true to itself.

On the back of more than 18 million models, over 1.5 million of which have been sold in the last decade alone, such global success has turned the brand into a universal symbol of elegance and technology.

Now the Vespa Elettrica project confirms the Piaggio Group's commitment, not only to people mobility, but to a desire to change the way in which people move.

Because of the excellence of this project, the Piaggio Group is assessing the most advanced players in the sector on a global level to develop innovative technological electric motor solutions together. This concept will be translated into the final version of the Vespa Elettrica, for which production and sales are planned for the second half of 2017.

The Vespa Elettrica will, first and foremost, be a true Vespa, bringing the very latest in electric technology to a vehicle that will retain all the features that have been vital to its success

The style, agility, ease of use and riding pleasure will be the same as the Vespa we have always known, with the addition of technological and innovative connectivity solutions.

A perfect mix of excitement, technology and environmental friendliness that only Vespa can create. Like it has always done in its first seventy years of history.