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Chevrolet Bolt EV Preproduction

Chevrolet sent out 20 seconds of pre-production Bolt EV assembly footage, and I am psyched! With the Tesla Model 3 reveal coming in one weeks time, I would say that GM may be a little nervous as well.

1967 Saab 95 Wagon - Custom

We found this rare, custom, 1967 Saab 95 Wagon on Ebay. It is a charming two-door, Nomad style, seven seat wagon with a folding, rear-facing, third row. Stylish, quirky, and unique, these old Saabs are said to have an unmistakable driving character about them. Unfortunately, I've never had the pleasure, but hope to rectify that some day. This one has traveled but a mere 335 miles since a complete mechanical rebuild and cosmetic restoration. It would look great parked next to the Citroen from a few weeks ago.


 “This 95 WAGON was originally purchased in Northern California in 1967 and sold 12 years later to another Californian, who rebuilt the engine and had the car repainted. In 1990, the 95 Wagon was put into dry storage where it remained for 20 years. When the current owner purchased the car, it emerged from storage showing no sign of damage; and his original intention was to perform a “minimal” restoration. As is often the case with labors of love, the restoration effort ultimately segued into a remarkable all-encompassing, photo-documented, ground-up affair, with European specialist Igor Boun of Northern California carrying out the high-quality paint and bodywork. The Wagon’s exterior now sports a Mercedes-Benz code, deep wine metallic finish and the interior has been redone in Palomino MB-Tex weave with bamboo rattan pattern accents in the cargo area.
 The V-4 engine has been rebuilt; the transmission seals, gaskets, and bearings were replaced as needed. All front-end components and bushings were also replaced, and the front and rear brakes feature new rotors, pads, wheel cylinders, and calipers. The carburetor, wiper motor, brake and clutch master cylinders, starter, alternator, water pump, steering rack, and CV joints were also rebuilt. To complete the look, SAAB Sonett “soccer ball” alloy sports wheels were added, featuring body-color inserts and polished details. Period whitewall radials add to the 95 Wagon’s deluxe, vintage façade. Upon inspection, this car presents virtually flawlessly, with every conceivable aspect of renewal having been addressed during its nut-and-bolt restoration. The result of all this effort has produced what is likely one of a handful of concours-level SAABs in the world.”

A High School You Won't Hate

In the quaint village of Nashville, Michigan is an interesting real estate opportunity. For a mere $90,000 you can be the proud owner of the old W.K. Kellog High School building. I am very intrigued by this listing. I see two very different possibilities for this space.

First, how cool would it be to live there? Check out the pics of the gymnasium/auditorium, I'll wait. Ok, now that you have seen it, my son runs laps around the island in my kitchen, problem solved. And that stage! The performances that we could put on!! There are plenty of rooms, even if you only use the main floor and close off the upstairs to save on heating costs, and they are large rooms. Also, why bother with chalkboard paint when you have actual chalkboards at your disposal? You could ride bikes inside all winter long, the hallways are plenty wide.  There are also outdoor basketball courts on the 2 acre lot, and plenty of parking. With a cafeteria at your disposal you could host family Christmas, and never feel cramped for space.

Second, opening a sports bar in an actual gymnasium would be so much fun! You could host free throw competitions for free appetizers, and the stage is perfect for live music! If you were so inclined, you'd have plenty of space for a brewery. In this scenario I'm not sure what to do with the rest of the building. If it were in a bigger city I'd say turn the classrooms into lofts or condos. As its not, save a section of the building, and scrap the rest to offset renovation costs? Anyone want to be business partners in a bar? We can call it Puzzles.

I've included links to the listing, Flickr album, a small gallery, and the sellers comments from the listing.  Now that I've inspired you to buy a former high school in a town you've never heard of, please share your ideas for the property in the comments section.

Very nice Building with decent down payment, formerly Kellogg High School in nice quiet small town of Nashville,Michigan, close proximity to Grand Rapids and Lansing. Over 20,000sf, nice Gymnasium, lots of spacious classrooms, restrooms with showers on both floors, all utilities are on and running. Building sits on two gorgeous acres of land. This building can be converted to a dream mansion, possibilities are endless.

1967 Ford Country Squire - Hemmings

The Ford Country Squire wagon is one of my favorite cars to use when playing Forza Motorsport on my Xbox. So in honor of that, for throwback Thursday, I went out and found one for sale on Hemmings. How can you go wrong with seating for 9 (possibly without seat belts?) and a thumping 390 cubic inch V8 under the hood?

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Tesla Model X: In-Depth Review & Test-Drive

If you aren't familiar with saabkyle04's work on YouTube, his in-depth videos are as close to seeing a car in person as you can get on the internet. Seeing as Tesla skipped the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, this is the closest I can get without traveling out of state. Just for grins I included a video from the Model X reveal last fall, and the Verge's first drive from the same event.

Saabkyle04: Tesla Model X Review

The Verge: Tesla Model X First Drive

Elon Musk Introduces the Model X