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Ford Fun

Autoblog has some exclusive soys shots of the the next F-150 based power wheels all-terrain vehicle. You can see them here:

And! Ford has produced a very nice time lapse video in honor of their 111th birthday, which you can see here:

Irony Defined

The other day, on my way into work, I was cut off by someone with a "be nice" sticker on their trunk. Just had to share...

Fan-Made Tesla Commercials

Despite never having made a commercial, there are a few really good fan-made Tesla Motors commercials on YouTube. We have linked a selection below. You will find our favorite "Modern Spaceship" on top.

NHTSA to Mandate Back-Up Cameras

Though it has been a long time coming, and won't actually take effect for another 4 years, we are pleased to hear that rear-view cameras will be required on all passenger vehicles from May 2018 forward. As is typically the case with these types of rulings, expect to see them on numerous cars in the years prior to the ruling taking effect. To which we say "Bravo!" The official press release is included below for your perusal.

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